Dream Decks & Outdoor Sanctuaries

This spring has a lot of folks thinking about their yards, decks and verandas. As a General Contractor in Calgary, we’ve had lots of experiences turning both the inside, and outside of homes into great spaces, and with so many people spending more time around their home than ever this spring and summer, we’d like to tell you about some of the awesome ways you can turn your yard space into a vacation spot that’s waiting for you every day.

Decks Start With the Right Materials

An outstanding deck built with Trex. Photo courtesy Trex.com

A new deck can completely change the way you feel about your outdoor space. It’s a place for a quiet cup of coffee in the morning, a place to kick back and relax with a cold one on a sunny afternoon, or a safe place to gather with friends in good weather. It can become an entirely new space for you to “get away from it all”, but it all starts with choosing the right material. 

The most economical option is to use pressure treated lumber. We’ve built countless decks in Calgary using pressure treated wood: it’s cheap, it’s simple enough to work with, and it looks good when it’s brand new. However, it ages faster than the more expensive options, and you could find yourself getting splinters in your bare feet a few years down the line. 

We’re big fans of MicroPro Sienna. It’s created with a durable pressure treatment process called MicroPro® Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) to protect the wood against fungal decay. The main ingredient in the preservative system is copper, which has long been known as an effective wood preservative. MicroPro Sienna uses micronized copper coupled with micronized tebuconazole for long-term protection of wood exposed in exterior applications.

Then there’s composite options, like TimbreTech and Trex. Homeowners in Calgary love TimbreTech and Trex because it stands up to our harsh climate, and requires slightly less maintenance. Both options offer up a clean and detailed look. While the price point is higher, it’s a dream to work with, and the possibilities for construction are endless. 

Then there’s TufDek, which is rolled on like flooring over top of plywood. It’s another very popular decking option for the Calgary climate, as it doesn’t age like pressure treated lumber, and can be shovelled or squeegeed in snow or rain. Cleaning it is as easy as getting out your garden hose, and it’s also a clean, commercial looking product.

All decking products have their advantages, but our team is always ready to talk to you about getting the right material for the job and budget. We’re not going to try to sell you something you don’t need – for us, it’s all about the right material for the job. 

Good Stuff for Greenthumbs

Custom planter boxes built with MicroPro Sienna. Photo courtesy MicroPro Sienna.com

What’s a deck without some good stuff to look at and tend to? There’s so many options for gardeners in Calgary, as we move beyond the traditional lawn/back yard garden and into the realm of custom planter boxes. 

The nice thing about planter boxes is that they keep your plants up and off the ground, eliminating root issues or dealing with Calgary’s notoriously hard and sticky clay. Instead, they can serve as features in both the front and back yard, nice additions to your deck, and in some cases, homeowners are opting to skip the back lawn altogether and build out custom planter boxes to really get a nice garden operation going. 

A Deck that isn’t Just a Deck

A custom outdoor fireplace, on a TufDeck build. Photo courtesy Tufdek.com

Your new deck doesn’t have to be just for sitting. We’ve built custom decks that have multiple purposes. Maybe you’re  backyard gourmet, so why not install a sink and a natural gas barbeque set up? There’s also plenty of storage options that we can build into your deck, be it permanent benches that lift to allow you winter storage, or fully enclosed skirting that gives you extra space to store your things all year around. And lastly, there’s nothing better than a nice warm fire to extend your evening, and our team can help you from anything from a small fire bowl, to a fire table, to an outdoor fireplace build. 

Long story short, if you’ve got big plans for your outdoor space, let us help you with them. From custom decks and verandas, to garden sheds, fences and planters, the team at C Brannon Construction has you covered. 

If you’re interested in a virtual or in-person consult, contact us and we’ll get started today. Your summer sanctuary awaits! 

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