What Happens Next After Hiring A Home Renovation Contractor?

After reviewing all your candidates for your home renovation project and doing extensive background checks and interviews, you finally found the one you want to work with- Congratulations! Although we know you are very excited to start with your home renovation, make sure you go through this final checklist with your contractor:

  1. Run through details with your contractor. Before anything else, be sure to run through specifics with your contractor. Aside from the details of the project itself, ask about information on moving furniture, their work schedule inside your home, who will handle the cleanup, and the like.
  1. Sign a contract. During the interview and planning process, you discussed your project with your chosen home renovation contractor. If your contractor did not give you a contract detailing the project scope and terms, ask for it. Putting everything in writing will protect both you and your contractor should any problems arise.
  1. Pay your deposit. It is common practice for contractors to ask for a 25% deposit to hold your home renovation’s tentative start date. Expect to pay another 25% when the project starts and the last 50% upon completion.

Next to purchasing your own home, renovating your home is a big and exciting project for any homeowner. This is why it is important that you know the ins and outs of the project and that you work with a contractor you can really trust.

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