Three Things To Consider When You Are Renovating In Winter

Who says you can’t renovate in winter? Here’s your quick guide to transforming your spaces during this season successfully with #TheBrannonWay!

Get the right materials

In colder temperatures, certain materials, such as paint and adhesives, may be impacted. It’s important to verify that the products you’re using are suitable for lower temperatures, and consulting the manufacturer’s recommendations can guide the right usage conditions.

Make sure everyone is cozy

Maintaining suitable heating is crucial for both the well-being of your hardworking team and the optimal performance of certain materials. When doing indoor work, confirm that the heating system is up to par or consider supplementing it with temporary heating sources like space heaters for extra warmth. Don’t forget you also need effective ventilation, particularly when dealing with materials that might emit fumes or dust. Prioritize a well-ventilated workspace to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in the construction process.

Schedule like a pro

When tackling renovations during winter, it’s smart to schedule indoor work on extremely cold days to minimize exposure to harsh weather conditions. For outdoor projects, plan for weather-appropriate workdays and have contingency plans and a flexible schedule in case of unexpected snow or rain. Considering the shorter days, plan your work hours wisely to maximize daylight. 

Do it #TheBrannonWay!

Do you want to work with an expert team that can tackle winter and give you all the results you are waiting for? Let’s have a talk and experience our method! We prioritize communication and collaboration throughout the process to achieve your goals, no matter the season!

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