Four Trends To Renovate Your Home This Fall With Us

Get ready to transform your home into a cozy fortress for the upcoming sweater weather, all while keeping your spaces trendy and fresh.

New season, new space

Fall is just around the corner, bringing those cozy vibes with its warm colors, comfy blankets, and the irresistible scent of cinnamon and pumpkin. Nature’s transformations are the best source of inspiration for switching things up and giving your home a fresh vibe. Here are four elements to consider for your seasonal renovations, making sure your place captures that perfect autumn feel.

  1. Geometric Patterns

    Textile combinations have become a timeless fall trend, and when paired with geometric patterns that always catch the eye, they can create the perfect style for decorating sofas, beds, or even floors with triangular-designed nylon carpets. When it comes to other accessories, angular chandeliers, patterned Roman shades, or even chairs covered in geometric tapestries are fantastic ways to bring these trendy patterns into your spaces.

  2. Dark Furniture

    Fall is all about channeling rustic and traditional vibes that tap into a natural essence. That’s why dark woods take center stage in this season’s renovations. Incorporating earthy wood tones into your floors, cabinets, bookshelves, or sofas can infuse your indoor spaces with an authentic, organic feel. But if you are looking for a more subtle touch, try darker mirror frames, wood candleholders, or even rugs and cushions.

  3. Layered Lighting

    As days grow shorter, layered lighting becomes essential to craft a range of illumination sources, to create the cozy and inviting autumn atmosphere you desire.

    These are the three main types of lighting you need to keep in mind:

    1. Ambient lighting: Provides general illumination for a room.
    2. Task lighting: Offers focused and directional illumination to specific areas.
    3. Accent lighting: Highlights decorative elements.

    Mix and match these types of lighting in all your spaces based on your needs. And for an extra touch, think about adding dimmers to each type. It’s a neat way to set the mood and tweak the lighting as the natural daylight shifts.

  4. Fire Pits

    Who says fall is only for indoor activities? Enjoy the crisp autumn air with a fire pit, perfect for gathering friends and family around some tasty s’mores. All it takes is a level ground area in your backyard, situated at least 15 feet away from other residences and 10 feet from flammable structures, making sure wind direction doesn’t affect your indoor spaces. After that, simply reach out to an expert who can handle the heavy lifting: building the base, crafting the structure with your preferred material, and installing a steel ring to protect your fire pit from any potential damage.

Renovate with us 

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