Work with your Dream Crew: Renovate the Brannon Way

Finally, a home renovation company in Calgary who actually cares about your experience.

From a work quality perspective, there are a lot of good contractors for your renovation needs. But time and time again, clients that renovate with us tell us that their experience with us just feels different—in the best possible way.

So what makes us different?

  • Transparency throughout the entire journey.
    Often, contractors operate in a bit of a black hole. You know work is happening, but you’re not really sure what’s going on. This can introduce a lot of stress for the homeowner. Maybe more importantly, it can sometimes lead to costly mistakes, when check ins and communication isn’t happening along the way.
    That’s where we really differentiate our approach. From the initial meeting where you get to tell us what you’re looking for, to meeting the team, to reviewing the floor and design plans, we don’t even start construction until you know who we are and we have your full approval.
    From there, we also meet with you throughout construction, to make sure everything is still aligned and so that you feel in the loop.
    You get full transparency so you feel confident in our process and our work.
  • Committed quotes with no surprises.
    It’s sadly not all that uncommon for homeowners to get a ballpark estimate, only to find out (often too late) that the final price tag for their renovations is several thousand (or tens of thousands) dollars more than originally thought. Why does this happen? Usually, only one person is doing the initial intake, and estimating for other trades on the effort and material cost involved. But small nuances can equal big price increases, and these aren’t always captured—leaving homeowners in an awkward position.
    When we do our team meeting, we bring all of the trades with us. We work together to do accurate costs for your project, and present you with a quote that we stick behind. The quote you get is the price you pay. We don’t surprise you with overages at the end—and if you want to add or change anything afterward, we’ll make sure we all agree before we move forward.
  • Team relationships and collaboration.
    Forget having only one person you’re allowed to speak with, while a bunch of tradespeople are in your home that you don’t even know the names of. We introduce you to our team early and often, and don’t provide barriers to that communication. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with the work and our team, and the only way to do that is to foster that connection.

At C Brannon Construction, we’ve worked hard to make the client experience we provide just as valuable and professional as the work we do on your home. Time and time again, our clients tell us that it made all the difference.

Ditch the nightmare narrative and renovate with us instead. We work with you, keep you informed, and check in every step of the way. That’s the Brannon Way.

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