2022 Home Design Trends

Is there a room in your house that you just dread walking into? Or do you find yourself working from your kitchen table even though you have a perfectly good home office space? We know exactly what it’s like to have parts of your home that just don’t get you excited. 


And, since we’re spending so much more time in our homes, there’s no reason that we can’t have fun with it, right?


So, what’s ‘in


Shades of brown 


Think rich chocolate, coffee bean, and hazelnut. Yes, believe it or not, trends are moving away from black and white to explore more colour, but don’t worry – these rich, elegant tones are still in the family of natural colours. We recommend trying this out with cabinets, furniture and paint colour. 






Nature-inspired surfaces and objects


Stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine are all surfacing as popular materials for a variety of purposes. Organic elements and natural textures are fun to play around with because they add extra depth and embrace ‘imperfection’ which, in a practical sense, makes it just a little bit easier to keep with your style and decor even when life gets a little messy. 


These would be especially cool for backsplashes to bathtubs, in your kitchen, or simply with furniture and decorative objects.




High-tech homes

“Hey Google, what’s the weather today?” 

If you’ve ever used a smart home device, you know that it can make daily life just a little more convenient. Many homeowners are now embracing smart home devices such as the Google nest, Google Home, smart light bulbs, and Ring doorbells, just to name a few. 





Vintage and sustainable elements

Got hand-me-downs from family members or a sweet vintage find you just couldn’t leave behind? Well, in case you didn’t know, they’re cool now. 

Vintage pieces have the power to influence the overall personality in a room. Sentimentality and that well-loved look both add more substance to a room. And by repurposing the old into something new, we get the best of both worlds: style and sustainability. 




Dark kitchens

Goodbye beige, it was nice knowing ya. 

Kitchen design has really changed in the past few years. Gone are the days of safe neutral tones. Instead, 2022 will bring a new perspective to the room in our home that we use the most. Think dark themes contrasted by wooden features or white marble for a crisp, modern yet unconventional look. 

If you’re not sure you’re into this enough to commit, try with shades of paint (or just go all-in with dark countertops and backsplash). 



Go big and go bold

Bold combinations are in, folks. And can you blame us? 


We’ve been staring at the same walls much more these past few years, so it’s about time we have more fun at home. Bolder combinations of colors, patterns, and decorative elements exude energy and vibrancy, but it can still be sophisticated. Some might try this out first with small details like cabinet hardware and decorative trims add some ‘wow’ to a room. Or you might want to jump right in with coloured kitchen cabinets or infuse the room with patterns using wallpaper (remember wallpaper?).


Remember, renovate your house to suit your family and your own taste, not based on what’s in style that year. Whether you’re looking for warmth through earth-tones or clean, modern essence through neutrals and minimalistic elements, 2022 will have plenty of trends to take inspiration from and make your own. 

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