A Home Improvement Challenge for Calgary Homeowners

The holidays have come to a close and it’s time to start thinking about real life again… whether we like it or not. 

But the beginning of a new year can also be an energizing time. Ideas and inspiration might be floating around your head with what you want to accomplish in the coming months to improve your life. 

Sure, your new year resolutions might include getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle or saving up for that big trip you’ve been waiting ever-so-patiently to take (thanks COVID). But what about those home improvement projects that are guaranteed to make your house feel that much more like home? 

Enter: a 4-week get-your-house-together challenge.

Over the course of a month, we’ll start each week with a new challenge designed to guide you closer to creating a home you love

Week 1: Declutter

You may have upgraded an appliance in your home thanks to a killer Boxing Day deal or received a new set of knives that replaces your old and very dull ones. While you don’t need to become a minimalist overnight, clearing out the old to make room for the new – or to simplify your life – makes for a solid start to a new year. 

Decluttering is pretty simple! Start by identifying what you need to 

  • Put away
  • Recycle
  • Fix
  • Donate
  • Throw out

Cover every room but don’t start with the biggest ones! The more you start small and work your way up, the more accomplished you’ll feel starting out and want to keep going. Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins as you go. 

Week 2: Tackle something that’s been nagging you

We all have a neverending to-do list, but homeowners have a special kind of endless task list — one filled with things we’d like to do to make our home better or have a nagging problem that you’ve been meaning to fix since October. 

These things are often easier or take much less time than we think. So this is our challenge to you: fix those loose baseboards or patch the hole in your living room wall – we promise you’ll feel much better afterwards. 

Week 3: Make a simple upgrade

Making upgrades to your home isn’t always about full-blown home renovations — at least not for Week 3. Small changes to your space can certainly make a much bigger difference than they might seem. Been dreaming of replacing your front door? Or upgrading your window coverings and light fixtures to match the rest of your decor? Week 3 is the time to make it happen! 

Week 4: Plan for the future 

Does your morning routine deserve a facelift? The new year can be a fun time to dream up the improvements you want to make to your master bathroom. 

Or could converting your basement into a secondary suite for your oldest kid or developing a legal suite add more value to your family? 

Calgary homeowners, 2022 is your year to complete those home renovations that you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’ve got a full-blown plan of your upcoming remodel or just a vague sense of what needs to be done, we’re here to chat about it. To learn more about Calgary home renovations, reach out to us at https://cbrannonconstruction.com/contact-page/ 

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