Is a phased renovation the way to go?

Now that you’ve gotten to know your house, you’ve probably thought about some renovation ideas that will make it an even better, more functional space for you. 

You know what you like and what you don’t like, and now it’s time to decide what kind of upgrade you want to start with. A full renovation sounds complicated, expensive, and potentially overwhelming. But what about a phased renovation

Why A Phased Renovation?

For many homeowners, a phased renovation is the ideal move for budgetary or simplicity reasons. Especially if you are paying out of pocket, you likely have a budget cap that you don’t want to go over at any given time. On the other hand, if you’re funding your remodel with financing, a one-stop renovation may be the more appropriate option. 

And then there’s the complicated endeavour of trying to find a place to call home when you have parts of it under construction. A phased renovation means that you can (typically) keep most functionality of your home aside from the specific areas that are in renovations. But if you decide to renovate all bathrooms at once, that makes it pretty tough to have a livable space! 

You also might want to think about: 

  • What’s the highest priority for you and your family? (most people start with bathroom and kitchen renovations)
  • General home maintenance and repairs
  • How you’ll be financing your project (out of pocket vs. getting a single loan)
  • Where you will be able to live while in construction

Why You Might Not Want One

As with anything, phased home renovations come with some not-so-ideal considerations.

First, you lose out on what’s called ‘economies of scale.’ Because you aren’t buying materials in larger quantities, the cost of each project separately and as a whole is typically a bit higher, simply because you aren’t getting any bulk pricing. Logistics do take up a bit more time as well since a longer production schedule is needed. 

And if you’re indecisive? A phased renovation might leave you with more opportunities to change your mind on parts of your upcoming projects, based on how your current phase is going. This means more time spent revisiting design and adjusting the schedule. 

And, of course, a phased renovation takes more time. Not many families love the idea of having limited access to their home, and a phased renovation does typically mean that your living space is disrupted for much longer. 

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