Garage Makeover: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve spent most of our time at home as a result of the pandemic, exhausted every nook and cranny to change up our routine and scenery. Despite the fact that the world is progressively opening up again, we are still mostly confined to our homes.

This might prompt you to consider cleaning up and renovating your garage to make better use of the space by improving storage and function. Does your garage hold future investment opportunities that you haven’t thought of yet?

Before you begin brainstorming, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to prevent common problems during your garage makeover.

1. No game plan

It’s a lot of fun to get started on making your ideas into a reality, but doing so without a strategy might lead to a host of problems down the line, as it does with most things.

The worst feeling is setting out to do one simple task but instead finding yourself with a growing list of unforeseen steps to complete before said task. This can cause major setbacks for completing your project and also waste unnecessary time and money.

2. Cutting corners

When it comes to sprucing up your garage by installing new cabinets or repairing and restoring garage flooring, you may be tempted to choose low-cost solutions such as low-quality cabinets and garage floor paint. Corrosion, chipping, and the need for redesigning will occur faster than planned if these materials are used.

Using cheap materials might make you happy in the short term because of the initial financial benefit, but will present problems in the long run.

3. Ignoring future investment upgrades

It’s wonderful to think and implement small improvements to your area to brighten it up and make it more enjoyable to live in. However, it may be more cost-effective to consider the grander ideas you have in mind for your space. Perhaps you are planning to eventually convert the area above the garage into another bedroom, create a secondary suite over a garage, or build a secondary suite above a detached garage.

It’s vital to consider your garage space in terms of prospective financial investment opportunities so you can get started on the process sooner rather than later and avoid wasting time and money on short-term upgrades that might interfere with future remodelling plans.

4. Misconceptions about permits

Many people believe that house improvements do not need permits, but this is not true. A development permit from the city is required for renovations that entail exterior changes and any additions. Other changes in walls (structural or not) will likely require a building permit. Before construction can begin, a plan detailing the ins and outs must be submitted to the city to be reviewed and authorized before building can begin. The procedure of a development permit can take up to 12 weeks for approval, even when the application is correctly done there’s a long wait time for review.

There are a lot of details to remember when applying for a permit, so we created a video highlighting them to help you out.

5. Refusing professional help

Despite the abundance of DIY tutorials available, it is vital to understand that creating and implementing certain concepts may be beyond your capabilities. There is a lot of intricate work such as building the structure and implementing electrical work that a qualified electrician should do to ensure it is done safely and correctly, and the same goes for all the other trades.

Updating your garage is a great investment, especially when you take into consideration our advice. Another way to ensure these mistakes are avoided is to hire professionals to guide you through the process. Contact us today for assistance or sound advice.

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