Cosmetic Remodelling: A Fresh Look on a Budget

“I really want to change up this space, but I don’t have the budget to do it.”

It’s a common refrain among prospective clients here at C Brannon Construction. We talk with plenty of homeowners in Calgary who’d like to work with a professional to change up their living space, but feel they are stuck with their drab, old space until they are holding 6 figures in their home renovation fund.

Let us tell you that there’s LOTS of options when it comes to changing up the look of your home, and you don’t have to have a huge budget to make some really easy improvements. Our team is always ready to talk with you regardless of your budget to see if we can make your dream a reality.

Looking at the small stuff

You might be thinking you can’t do anything unless you have the budget for all of the new stuff. Wrong! If you start looking at some of the small stuff, like paint, new trim, and flooring, you can really turn a room around

Let’s say you’d like to change up your kitchen area. Instead of doing a full plumbing refit, new cabinets and new countertops, our team can skillfully add new paint, new floor and potentially a fixture and countertop upgrade to completely re-vitalize the space.

If you take this idea to your entire home, suddenly your house has a makeover on a serious budget. We invite you to take a look at two different cosmetic renovations we worked on this fall, to some pretty tremendous results.

Changing the look of your home doesn’t have to involve a huge stack of permits, dozens of tradespeople and a big time budget. If you’d like to change up some of the cosmetic aspects of your home, let’s talk. We’d love to see how we can reinvigorate the love you have for your new home and make it last for years to come.

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