Building Decks to Last

It’s no surprise that this summer, we’ve been busy building decks all over Calgary. Needless to say that COVID has made many of us think about putting some extra love into our outdoor spaces, and like many other General Contractors in Calgary, we’ve been active working on backyard projects, verandas, decks, and the like. 

We’d like to tell you about a project that we’ve put the finishing touches on earlier last month, which saw us use some new techniques and material combined with long standing know how to create a deck that our customers were very happy with. 

The customer originally had an elevated 13 foot by 13 foot deck on the back of their home, and they wanted to add more space for entertaining. After consulting with our team, they opted to more than double their deck space adding in a 10 foot by 10 food addition. 

When building the new deck addition, we decided to use 2 ¾” screw piles, which turned out to be very convienent,and left behind very little mess in the yard, no extra dirt left over and it saved us from pouring any concrete, which was a time saver for our team and saved on cost for the client. The nice part about these screw piles is that we can get into any yard with a 3 foot gate opening to install the piping, making it ideal for working in backyards throughout Calgary, where you’re often restricted to alley access. 

We opted to add new beam, posts and post saddle to the existing deck as well, as the old supports were feeling loose and squiggly. A touch like this is vital for homeowners to ask about when working with a General Contractor. It’s easy to overlook existing work that’s installed and appears that it’s “good enough”. We could tell right away that what was there was not as strong as what we were about to install, so we opted to do it all the way around, to add a little extra piece of mind for the homeowner. 

Both the new and existing deck were cladded with Micro Pro Sienna Brown Pressure Treated decking for a clean look and long life, and we also built a new set of stairs with nice clean routered stringers. Lastly we use a nice aluminum rail with solid welded balusters to finish it off, adding extra strength and smooth lines to the project.

Deck projects like this are fun for our team, as it was a challenge to bring the new deck in line with the old, and improve upon the existing build. If you’d like to check out more for our work on this project, and other builds, you can stay up to date on all things C Brannon Construction by subscribing to us on YouTube, and following us on Facebook and Instagram

Do you have a project in mind that you think will require in-depth planning by a professional general contractor? We’d love to talk. Reach out to us today to book your consult. 

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