Pulling Permits & Hoisting Beams

This past month we were called in to work on a project that tested many of the different skill sets of the C Brannon Construction team. As a General Contractor working in Calgary, we’re used to taking on all kinds of projects, whether it’s a bathroom renovation, a kitchen remodel, and outdoor expansion, or in the case of this project, some serious structural work that will help the homeowner really lay the groundwork for a larger renovation project in the future.

We were asked to come in to help with some structural supports in a wing of a home that was going to be undergoing some serious work renovating the kitchen area that revolved around moving a wall, and in order for the project to start, it needed a major beam addition to help with load bearing capabilities within the home. They came to us with help for the planning and installation process, and the overall design concept.

As with all of our projects, it started off with our consultation and walkthrough process, aka The Brannon Way. We needed to reach out to our trade partners to get the architectural drawings done, and we needed to put together the pricing and accurate quotes for the client.

Then we needed to sit down and pull the proper building permits from the City of Calgary. Many potential customers don’t realize that work on this scale can involve more than one permit, as in this case we needed electrical, plumbing and gas permits, as so many pieces within the home and outside of the home were in play.

Pulling permits can be tricky business, as we’ve outlined for you in a recent YouTube video:

With the permits in place, we got to work, first with the demo process, and then the actual work, that involved the installation of a massive beam that was going to require a significant amount of hard work, craftsmanship, and skill to get it sitting in place successfully. So how did we do it? We could tell you about what we did, but instead, we’d prefer to show you in our latest video. The project will be a work in progress, but we wanted to show you the work in progress as it was a significant piece of work for our team.

We’ll have more updates on this project as it evolves. In the meantime, you can stay up to date on all things C Brannon Construction by subscribing to us on YouTube, and following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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