Don’t Break Up With Your House! (Fall back in love instead)

As we begin to put 2019 in our rear view mirror and look toward to another new year, you might be finding yourself sick and tired of your house. Maybe it’s not quite “doing it” for you the way it used to. Maybe you’re growing in one direction and the home just isn’t keeping up. Maybe you’re just tired of seeing the same paint, the same walls, and you’re really getting tired of the “little things”. You’re starting to take a look out there on the market and you’re seeing some pretty attractive options.

Is it time to break up with your house?

Sometimes, it feels like we are in a dead end relationship with our homes. Our needs change, our desires change, and sadly, our homes don’t change along with it. But at C Brannon Construction, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer the heartbreak and pain of moving, new bank financing, new schools, new neighbors and new problems that can come with a new house.

There are plenty of options available to the homeowner that can allow you to fall back in love with the house that, once upon a time, you were very excited to be in.

Start with the bones

Over the years, home designers and builders weren’t sold on open-concept homes. Many houses built in Calgary over the years, from Century homes right up into suburban houses in the 90’s had plenty of walls and doors to section off each room of the house. Sound familiar? Believe it or not, an open concept home can be within your reach. By working with our team and our architectural colleagues, we can find ways to move doors and walls that can really open up the space in your house. Say goodbye to that annoying wall between the kitchen and the dining room, or between the dining room and the living room. Sometimes all it takes to recharge your desire for your home, is knocking down a wall.

Let there be light!

Is your house feeling drab, grey, cold and unwelcoming? Sounds like you need to change your outlook on the world, and by outlook, we mean windows. Getting larger window upgrades, or even a skylight can increase the light to your home and supercharge your attitude. Humans NEED light, and the more natural light we get, the happier we are. All of that new light will instantly put you in a better mood, re-igniting the love affair with your castle.

What’s on the outside counts

Tired of pulling up into the driveway after work and seeing the same old drab exterior? Maybe you walk into your back yard and you’re seeing a rotting deck that’s weather-beaten and losing its lustre? Is the last place you’d want to have a cold one after a long days’ work your front porch or back deck? Mother Nature isn’t kind to our houses, especially in a harsh climate like Calgary’s. But there is help out there. A new deck build can drastically change how you feel about your house, and the same goes for a refreshed veranda. Exterior improvements get us out of our homes, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air, and even talking with our neighbors more often. Create your own piece of zen space by freshening the outside of your home, it makes going home that much better.

Master Bath, Master Bedroom

A good night’s sleep and a good start and end to the day are essential when it comes to our own personal happiness. So when our bedrooms are the last places we want to be, and the last thing we want to do is go into a clunky, drab bathroom to start or end our day, it puts you in a foul mood. We often say that one of the best gifts you can give yourself is a master bedroom and master bathroom renovation, because when you freshen the look and feel, you’ll feel refreshed and content. By adding in modern closet and storage space, you’ll get that clutter off the floor and stored properly, eliminating a daily headache. By adding in new bathroom components like a steam shower, jet tub or even dual vanities, you’re giving yourself more space and more opportunities to relax and unwind. Wake up happy, go to bed happy!

Walk tall on new flooring

When you walk into your kitchen are you annoyed with the dents and dings in the old linoleum? Is your living room carpet looking stained and threadbare? Is the laminate starting to lift, lose its shine and look flat? Flooring is one spot where new homebuyers and many homebuilders tend to overlook, choosing instead to focus on cost savings. It’s amazing how much a shoddy looking floor can diminish your love of a room, isn’t it? By changing up the flooring in high traffic areas like the kitchen or living room from carpet to laminate or hardwood, it gives the room more light and shine, which increases our happiness and desire to be there.

In 2020, don’t get a house divorce. Instead, call your home-relationship experts at C Brannon Construction. We can come up with a strategy to help you and your family fall back in love with your home. Talk to us today for a free consult.

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