Updating the Look of a Century Home

This spring and summer C Brannon Construction had the pleasure of working on a historic century home in a well established Calgary neighborhood. We are thrilled to finally be able to show off the finished product that is turning heads from passerby and has the homeowner feeling happy and content with a new look and feel to their beloved home.

Setting the Stage

We began this project like all of our work, with a lot of conversation and planning with the homeowner back in January of 2019. The plan was to update the front exterior of the home, building a veranda that would be comfortable and peaceful, but also maintains the overall look and feel of the historic home. It became clear that we needed to get a development permit from the City, and we started developing the detailed plans needed to start construction.

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

The development permit was approved in March, and we were able to start construction in April (thank you Mother Nature!). First we worked through the demo phase of the project, removing the existing front porch and patio, then prepping the area for the build. We essentially removed everything off the front of the house, adding a new front windows, and started building the actual veranda. Once that was finished, the move was made into siding and exterior stone work and landscaping.

Communication is Key

We can’t say enough great things about our client on this job. Ryan and his family were absolutely outstanding in staying in contact with us, and never hesitating to reach out if they had concerns. We were able to make this tricky project move very quickly and cleanly due to our commitment to The Brannon Way.

In fact, don’t let us tell you about it, why not take a look at what Ryan had to say about the project when we stopped by for a visit after the project was completed:

New Home, Old Home, We Love Them All

There’s nothing we love more than hearing your story, and dreams for your living space. It doesn’t matter if your home is 100 years old, or 5 years old, we’re ready to chat about any potential project you have in mind. Do you want to be the next C Brannon Construction success story? Drop us a line today for a free consultation, we’d love to talk about your next project.

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