Why We’re Different From the Rest

A home renovation can be a daunting experience to undertake. We often wonder how many homeowners fantasize about remodel or renovation, and have the budget to do so, but are held back because they find the concept of finding a general contractor, and explaining their vision, to be scary, daunting or too intensive.

We’ve heard all kinds of horror stories from our customers about fly-by-night construction companies: major budget overruns, timelines that were deflated from the outset, a total lack of communication on behalf of the contractor, poor quality materials, and the list goes on.

At C Brannon Construction, we’ve built our entire customer journey and business model around combating the negative stereotypes in our industry, and making sure the customer is feeling comfortable, informed and empowered every single step of the way.

We’ve turned it into an entire process that we call “The Brannon Way” and we think it’s so important, we’ve built this video to tell you all about it.

The Brannon Way is a time-tested process that we’ve created to ensure the best possible outcome of the project. You can read all about the in-depth steps of The Brannon Way here, but in a nutshell, we’ll break it down for you:

Stage One:

It all starts with an in-home meeting where we discuss every detail and explore your vision. Then we hold a team meeting with everyone involved on the project, from the trades people to the designer, to discuss the scope of work and price estimates. Once we have an outline in place we will go through it step by step to make sure we’re all on the same page. If you’re happy, we calculate all of the costs, and design your dream project.

Stage Two:

If we have to add or remove walls, you’ll meet with an architectural technologist, and our interior designer will help you pick out the selections that will make the project unique. We tailor the design process 100% to your needs.

Stage Three:

Here is where we do the planning review and make sure you’re happy with the floor plans, the design selection and the final pricing. If you’re on board with every detail, we review a final price outline and service agreements, and build a work schedule, so you know what’s happening and when it’s happening.

Stage Four:

It’s time to get this project underway! During this process, you’ll have access to our management app where you can check out job schedules, daily logs, and pictures of your project at anytime. We’ll check in during the early days of the project, after the framing, the flooring and paint, and a “Last Looks” walk through to go over every small detail and any questions you might have.

Then one last final meeting and walk through, because it’s important to us that you are happy.

Stage Five

When the project is finished, it doesn’t mean we are. We present you with a possession package that includes maintenance and care guides, warranty information, as well as before and after pictures and the project history.

Other general contractors in Calgary don’t take these steps to make sure you’re happy. And while they might give you a lower estimate, and short timelines, we would far rather be transparent, honest, and up front about the scope of work so you’re not surprised, shocked or angry coming out the other side.

At C Brannon Construction, we not only believe that our quality of work should be able to speak for itself, but that our word should be our bond. Our customers are our best form of advertising and referral, so we want you to be happy for years to come.

Do you have a project that you’ve been dreaming about, but the idea of contractor drama or misleading information is holding you back? You’ve got nothing to lose by calling us.

Contact us today at C Brannon Construction.

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