Dream Decks…Have You Built Yours?

It’s that time of year again when everyone is out on their patios sipping drinks, BBQing, spending time with family and friends…but what better way to do that then on an amazing deck! It’s never fun to have people over and not have a place to entertain…that’s exactly what decks are for! We’ve put together some of our favorite deck projects and included photos that show some of the options (among so many others) that you can dream about with your own deck.

We wanted to highlight some of the important things forget about besides the aesthetic with their deck like structure. Structure is critical in deck construction and you need to ensure the contractor you select to build yours keeps this in mind. Proper design should include adequate structural components such as piles, posts, beams, joists, blocking, and mechanical hardware. Be sure it will meet or exceed local building codes so there’s no conflict with permits, inspections and most importantly the long term structural integrity and performance of your deck as it will be one of the biggest investments and components of your outdoor living space. The overall finished product is very important in terms of appearance. You need to ensure the finished product is looking 100% awesome, and with higher-end products you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring a contractor that has the capability to not only frame the structure but also have the finish skill set to add the finishing touches during the cladding process. Some of these vinyl and composite decking products require not only proper fasteners and additional steps into the installation process to insure the manufacturer’s warranty is applicable, but actual training by the manufacturer to ensure the products are properly installed.  If they aren’t installed correctly warranties can be voided.  In the meantime read up and check out some of our cool projects below as so many people don’t realize what’s possible so read below:

This project was built with a pressure treated frame and cladded with cedar. Giving it a modern look and making it smell great! The railing was built with cedar corner posts and powder coated aluminum spindles. This family had plans of adding a hot tub to the one side of the deck and it was designed to accommodate just that!

Deck construction project. Thanks to Corey Brannon of CB Construction!
©2014, Sean Phillips

Similar to the project above, this deck and pergola were built using pressure treated lumber for the structure and cladded with cedar. The cedar privacy screen was a nice touch for this project as well. This was specifically designed for outdoor entertaining as this family loved to have friends over for BBQ’s.

This deck was built using a pressure treated frame and composite decking and aluminum hand railing. This customer was concerned about having a deck that was built to last and composite suited exactly that.

As you can see by the few projects above, the sky’s the limit with options for your deck. You can use simple pressure treated lumber for both the structure, decking and hand railing, you can use pressure treated lumber for the structure and clad in cedar, composite and other options, you can build using cedar hand railing, aluminum hand railing, glass…you name it! Pergolas and other shade structures are a great way to beat the heat and add a nice feature to your project. Whatever you have envisioned, it’s likely possible it can be done.

We have put together some awesome deck plans and pergola plans for free…get your copy of them here.

If you’re curious to learn more about deck construction or have questions about your project, we’d love to help you! Give us a call: 403 771 8080.

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